A Smart Hub to share energy efficient measures for the building sector – Hitachi

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Singapore has been looking for ways to lower the energy consumption of its buildings, a sector responsible for more than one-third of its total electricity consumption. While the island-state is small, it has over 4,500 high-rise buildings. Finding ways to lower the energy consumption of this sector is vital, as Singapore has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 36% by 2030. With this backdrop, the Building and Construction Authority launched the Super Low Energy Programme in September 2018 to encourage the development and adoption of cost-efficient Super Low Energy Buildings (SLEB).

Smart Home

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Wall light panel –
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White Noise Machine (used with Wemo) –
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Using White-Washed in Home Decor, Smart Ideas

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Clever ideas to use white color in your home decor project. “White-washed” is a smart and elegant alternative if you don’t want to use a strong white for painting.
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How to save between $50-$100 dollars in energy costs by using a Smart Plug – Smart Home Reviews

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One of the neater things I’ve come across while reviewing all these smart plugs is the ability to save a few bucks on your power bill. How? By adding a smart plug to all your high power usage areas. Off the top of my head, that’s going to be the living room and office if you have one.

For me personally, the biggest culprit in my home is the office area where I’ve got a laptop, desktop, printer, monitors and chargers plugged into one outlet. By adding a smart plug to the outlet, I can easily control the amount of phantom power going to all my devices. I’ve been playing around with several different smart plugs so if you want specific details on the plugs, check out the other videos on my channel.

And if you’re wondering what phantom power is, it’s basically wasted energy. The TV behind isn’t on, but it’s still drawing power which costs money. To eliminate the phantom power, you’ll have to either unplug all the devices or turn off the power bar or power strip. The solution is simple but will get tedious. That’s where the smart plug comes in.

Now smart plugs may seem like a novelty device as the ability to remotely turn on/off an appliance is handy but not necessary. The benefit of the smart plug is the add a bit of logic, or as Apple calls it, an automation. With an automation, you can set the smart plug to turn off the moment you leave the house. This is handy for my office area because I’m the only one using it so if I’m not physically present, there is no need for my monitors, printers, lights are hard drives to be on.

You can have another automation to turn everything back on when you enter your house. You can apply the same logic when you’re sleeping. I’ve got it set to turn everything off at 12:30 and everything back on at 5:30. This scenario is applicable to the TV’s, speakers, amps, game consoles, Blue Ray players and whatever streaming device you’re using in the living room. Or you can be really frugal and manually turn them on when you need them.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the math. For a large living room, with a TV, gaming console, DVR and an audio system, the waste per year is about $45 dollars. For my office, with two monitors, printer, lights, laptop and wireless modem/router the waste is about $75 dollars. This doesn’t include the random smartphone or tablet that I’ve got plugged in all the time.

Smart plugs will cost between $40 -$50 dollars a year so you’ll recover the cost of the plug after the second year which is awesome. Why? Because there’s very few gadgets that you buy nowadays that has a direct, measurable return on investment. Have you ever thought about the money you’re making back on a brand new smartphone? Those devices are just giant money sinks.

If you’re wondering what other tips I have for smart home devices, check out my website. If this video has been helpful, consider getting your smart home devices through my links as it won’t cost you anymore and you’ll be supporting me for all my future videos. If you have questions, leave them in the comment section below.

Smart Idea !! DIY Easy Woolen Door Hanging Design for Home Decor | Woolen Art and Craft

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Smart Idea !! DIY Easy Woolen Door Hanging Design for Home Decor | Woolen Art and Craft

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How to Save Energy with a Smart Home System: Residential Power Monitoring Device| Schneider Electric

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Learn how to save energy with this new smart home system. This residential power monitoring device by Schneider Electric and Wiser Energy from Square D monitors home energy usage in real time, for a safer and more efficient home. ►Learn more about Wiser:

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This video is about how to conserve electricity usage in your home with Wiser.