How To Put Up Wallpaper

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Have you ever thought about sprucing up that boring cream wall in your living room, but have no idea quite where to start? To get you rolling in the right direction, Ive teamed up with DIY expert Craig Phillips to put together an ever so helpful guide to wallpapering. Follow Craigs easy steps in the video and you can have a rather spiffing feature wall in your home too!

Do Aquariums Need Air Pumps?Quick tips Do bubbles put oxygen in your aquarium?

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Do Aquariums Need Air Pumps?Quick tips Do bubbles put oxygen in your aquarium? In Hindi Urdu with English subtitles watch to know all details

Best sound less air pump under 300 rupees

Aquarium air pump

Sound free air pump

Air stone strip

Round air stone air diffuser

Which water to use for Aquarium – what is mean by freshwater? Water pure confusion

Why do fishes hide all time in Aquarium reasons and solutions

Buying Fish Online and get home delivery How to buy fish and accessories online in india

Top 10 Aquarium Accessories must have for your aquarium maintenance ,fish keepers must have this

Best Fish For Nano, Micro And Small Aquariums TOP 5 NANO FISH Small Fish Tank

Why Are Fish Losing Color?How to get your Fishes to colour up fast and easy way

7 medicine Every Fish Keeper Needs To Have! The Ultimate Guide To Your First Aquarium

Do Aquariums Need Air Pumps?Quick tips Do bubbles put oxygen in your aquarium?


How to Fix Cloudy Aquarium Water What Causes Cloudy White Aquarium Water how to keep clean water

Top Best Aquarium Water conditioner clean & safe water for fish health

Real or fake plants in aquariums?How to use Fake Plants which best live or artificial plants

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Put a gloss coat on your ceiling fan blades. Will look better than new!

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Put a gloss coat on your ceiling fan blades. Will look better than new!

I think clear coat gloss will make ceiling fan blades, ukuleles and many other things shine. I first used this with Giani kitchen counter top surface which my wife and I put over our very boring formica counter tops. Boy it made the painted surface shine! If you want to shop for this: The can we have is black but I think this is the same stuff. You might also ask for clear coat at your hardware store. It should be glossy and clean up nicely with water. This stuff is super easy to work with. You can fix any errors nicely with a little sandpaper and additional coats. A 16 ounce can would cover fifty ceiling fans I suppose. It goes a long way. If you look around your house you might find other things to brighten up with clear coat!

I put clear coat on our ceiling fans that didn’t need tint, and I put amber shellac on the really old looking ones that could use the amber tint. Both shined up nicely and looked much better than new (which is saying something since these ceiling fans are all decades old!). I much prefer using clear coat though. It’s a lot easier to work with and clean up after.

By the way I took the blades off four fans and that, in my opinion, was a big mistake. It took a long, long time to take off, put back on, and keep track of all the screws, washers and associated parts and pieces. Leave ’em be and you’ll be through much faster.

Top Coat Clear Roll on Step 3. This is what’s on our black 16 oz can of Giani clear coat.

Don’t put ceiling fans on dimmers

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Putting fans on dimmers causes strain to the fan motor because a fan takes 120v to operate and a dimmer only 90v. The motor strains to muster enough energy to get going causing serious wear on your fan. This house in Roswell shows a clip of the living room fan completely worn out due to being on a dimmer. The second shows the bedroom fan in the same predicament but still barely going. If you listen you can here the fan struggle to get up enough energy to operate. Without proper switching these fans will continue to need replacing about every year!

How-to Change Cabin Air Filter Lexus GS (1st Put AC on Re-Circulate)

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CAUTION: Put your AC on Re-Circulate before you perform the steps in this video! otherwise, you will not be able to flip the filter door open 0:22 and you can damage the door if you force it. Don’t Force Anything or you’ll break something! There have been people who forced opened the door and stripped a plastic gear, please make sure you do not do this.

Perform these steps at your own risk.

Video sponsor:

Watch a short video on how to change the cabin air filter on your late model Lexus GS series and most likely ES, LS.


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How to Put Your Ceiling Fan and Light on Separate Switches

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See my new video: How to Replace a 2 Prong Receptacle With a Double Duplex Receptacle With Grounding

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Should You Put A Humidifier In Your Bedroom?

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Good Housekeeping says that if you use a humidifier, you’ll look better. If that’s not reason enough to make a humidifier in your bedroom your new BFF (i.e., best friend forever), then what is? You see, it might sound odd, but the weather outside can actually play a big role in how you look, talk and feel — and sleep for that matter, especially if you’re experiencing the hallmark signs of dry indoor air.

Think about it, air is dry – particularly in the winter – both from Old Man Winter and from your furnace blasting waves of heat throughout your home. What’s the result? Skin that feels like the Sahara desert and lips so dry that it hurts to smile. And that’s only part of it.

Here, we take a look at signs that your indoor air is too dry, the types of humidifiers on the market today and how to check the humidity level in your room.