Jamaica Plain Apartment – 3 bedroom, renovated, ceiling fans, huge | Proper Realty Group

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Jamaica Plain Apartment – 3 bedroom, renovated, ceiling fans, huge | Proper Realty Group

We have several similar units in Boston and the greater surrounding area.


Live Proper in this newly renovated 3 bed, that can also be used as a 4 bed for $100 more a month. All the bedrooms are good sized, there is an open layout for the common area that has plenty of room for a living room, dining room and a separate kitchen. There is a nice balcony with an awesome view of Jamaica Plain out front, and parking is no problem. There is a lot across the street and plenty of on street parking as well. There is a small room in the back that ca be used for storage, laundry or a shared closet. Laundry hookups are on sight and the back deck has a peaceful view and leads down to the backyard. The landlord’s family does all the work on the unit, so maintenance couldn’t be more convenient.

Local Points of Interest:
Jamaica Plain, Berklee College of Music Building, Boston College, Brighton, Boston University, BU West Campus, Cleveland Circle, Chandler Pond, Reservoir, Charles River, I-90, Route 20, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, Storrow Drive

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Understanding Ventilation – Proper Grow Tent Ventilation

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What’s Growing On DGC? The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out And Answering Your Grow Talk Questions Like How To Properly Set Up A Grow Tent Ventilation. This Grow Tent Ventilation 101: Air Circulation & Exhaust Tutorial includes Ventilation Basics And Indoor Grow Tent Ventilation Setup Tips Such As Where to Exhaust Grow Tent Heat, Venting Into The Same Room (Can I Exhaust Into Same Room?) & Why You Need to Ventilate Your Grow Tent.

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Proper Roof Ventilation

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American Metal Roofs explains how to properly ventilate a roof to avoid moisture build up leading to mold, ice build up leading to ice dams, and other costly damage. Keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer with proper attic venting.

Flatsafe Storm Shelters – Proper Ventilation

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tornado shelters in okc. Tornadoes and severe storms can happen anywhere and at anytime. Are you ready to protect the most valuable things to you ? This would be yourself and your family. They have been protecting families since 2003 with their in garage storm shelters. To receive a a quote for your family’s safety call:
Toll Free: 866-520-FLAT (3528)
OKC: 405-609-1509
Tulsa: 918-219-7254
Alabama: 256-565-0357
Fax: 405-494-7684

Flatsafe Tornado Shelters
1200 Industrial Dr Yukon, OK 73099
(405) 609-1509

Welding Safety, Equipment, Tips & Techniques : Proper Ventilation for Welding Tips & Techniques

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Learn use of proper ventilation from a welding expert in this welding safety video.

Expert: Malcolm MacDonald
Bio: Malcolm MacDonald graduated from Connestoga College in 1968 taking the Fitter Welding Program.
Filmmaker: Melissa Schenk

Technology: Proper ventilation for perfect cooling results

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Refrigerators and freezers that are built into kitchen furnishings have to be correctly ventilated so that warm exhaust air can be effectively expelled to ensure problem free and energy efficient performance. This video explains what you should pay attention to when considering the various installation options.

Explaination of How to Pump Down an Air Conditioner including Proper Guidelines!

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This is how to pump down refrigerant into an outdoor condensor unit. This would be done in the event you needed to replace something like the txv or evaporator coil and sometimes when you replace a condenser. The alternative when replacing the condenser is to just recover the refrigerant into the recovery bottle right at that time before replacing instead of recovering out of the condenser later.
Tool List-

These Videos are all part of our Training Series on HVACR Service, Installation, Preventative Maintenance, General Knowledge, and Tips. Please comment and ask for videos that you would like to see in the future! We come out with new videos every few days from my job sites, service calls, and the training shop! I hope you enjoy and find them very beneficial! See you next time at ACSERVICETECH Channel!

Supervision is needed by a licensed HVAC Tech while doing this as Experience and Apprenticeship garners Wisdom and Safety.

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Here is a link to the UEI DL389 Multimeter used in the video

Here is the link to the Fieldpiece SDMN6 Dual Pressure Testing Manometer with Pump-

Here is a link for the Supco Magnet Jumpers

Here is a link to Refrigerant hoses with valves used in the videos

Here is the Link for the Yellow Jacket Refrigerant Manifold Gauge Set used in the videos

Here is a link to the Digital Refrigerant Scale used in the video

Here is a link to the Imperial 535-C Kwik Charge Vaporizer for Charging Refrigerant-

Here is a link to the thermostat 3/32 screwdriver —

Here is a link to the C&D core removal tool

Here is a link to the JB 6 CFM Vacuum Pump

Here is a link to the JB Platinum 5 CFM Vacuum Pump with Valve

Here is a link to 1 gallon of JB Vacuum Pump Oil

Here is a link to the Supco Vacuum Micron Gauge

Here is a link to the 1/4″ by 1/4″ female coupler from Supco –

Here is a link to the Hilmor 4 port Aluminum Manifold Gauge Set-

Here is a link to the Supco core removal tool

Here is a link the Nitrogen Regulator

Here is a link to the Nitrogen Flow Meter

Here is a link to the General Tools digital Psychrometer

Here is a link to the Amprobe Digital Psychrometer

Here is a link to the Fieldpiece SDP2 Digital Psychrometer-

Here is the UEI Digital Manometer used in the videos

Here is the link for the Ratcheting Service Wrench

Here is a link to the Appion G5 Twin Recovery Pump

Here is a link for RectorSeal Bubble Gas Leak Detector

Here is a link to the air acetylene torch setup, just make sure that this will fit your tank size connection.

Here is a link to the Malco Snap Lock Punch

Here is a link to the Wiss 3 Pack Tin Snips

Here is a link to the Wiss 5 Blade Crimper

Here is a link to the Wiss Hand Seamers

Here is the link for the Hitachi Lithium Ion Drill and Flashlight kit

Here is the link for the Irwin Wire Stripper/Cutter/Crimper

Here is the link for the Hilmor 12″ folding tool

Here is the link for the Malco 3″ Blade Combination Snips

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Why Your Home Needs Proper Ventilation, Plus the Three Must Do Steps to Attic Ventilation!

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This video is used by professional roofers to explain to home owners what proper attic or roof ventilation is and why you need it to protect your home. The best return on investment for protecting the longevity of your home is the proper installation of a balanced ventilation system with the proven performance and quality of Lomanco Vents.