The Right Way To Insulate: With The OPTIMA System – Part One

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Visit for all your insulation information. Part 1 of an instructional video which shows how to Install Certain Teed OPTIMA fiberglass blowing insulation. Called the blow in blanket system (BIBS) it goes over the proper use of Optima fiberglass blowing insulation which is then blown behind Optima fabric.

Storage Shed to Home Office – Part 2

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I’m taking a storage shed and making it into a home office / maker space. This will be a multi-part series, be sure to sub to watch all the videos as they’re posted! Watch our Latest Video: Watch our Most Popular Video: Subscribe to Our Channel: Amazon Support Link:


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Bryant HVAC Heat Pump BREAKS AGAIN! -Part 1

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Less than a month after repairing the Bryant HVAC Heat Pump, it decides to crap out AGAIN!!! In the middle of winter!!

Different problem, and the diagnosis looks to be bad news this time. However, we must be 110% confident in our call, because a new heat pump costs several thousand dollars!!


DIY Solar Power PART 9 – WARNINGS On Timers With Inverter Power

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DIY Solar Power PART 9 WARNINGS On Timers With Inverter Power – Part 9 of the Solar Installation DIY How to Series ,in this video we point out “Plug In” type Timer problems, when running off 12v Inverter.(12v – 240 volt)

See the whole Project From the start, go to our Channel,and See “Solar Power and Wind DIY power Videos” Section

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“Son of a Rocket” by Kevin MacLoud

Rabbit Hutch Designs – How to Insulate a hutch – PART 01

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This how to insulate a rabbit hutch guide is brought to you by
Do you live in an area that gets really cold? Are you looking for the effective ways to insulate your rabbit hutch? If you need your bunny rabbits to stay warm within their home during the fall and wintertime, you must to insulate it.
This Video provides you with rabbit hutch designs for insulating your rabbit hutch.
For more information, visit
This video on Rabbit Hutch Designs – How to Insulate a hutch is only PART 1 of a 2 video series. Stay tuned for the second chapter!

Tiny House Insulation Installation- How to Insulate Floor- Part 3

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In this video- we insulate the floor of the tiny house.

Enjoy in SUPER FAST Motion!

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DIY Field Solar Array – Part 4

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This is the 4th in a series of videos documenting the construction of a ground-mounted 17.4 kW electric solar array.
– Solarworld 275w mono-crystalline black frame/backing panels
– Ironridge frame (with 2 inch galvanized pipe)
– 11.4 kW Solaredge Inverter (with 42 400 watt power optimizers)
– 6 kW Solaredge Inverter (with 18 400 watt power optimizers)

The Right Way To Insulate: Sidewalls and Unheated Areas – Part Two

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Visit for all your insulation information. Part 2 of an instructional video for The Right Way To Insulate Sidewalls and Unheated Areas from Certain Teed fiberglass insulation. Instruction on insulating sidewalls with faced and un-faced batts. Insulating un-heated areas and insulating rooms with steel studs as well as ceilings.