DIY Oscilloscope Kit (20$) VS Regular DS Oscilloscope (400$)

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In this VS episode I will compare a popular DIY oscilloscope kit with a regular DS oscilloscope.

2011 Lookalike by Bartlebeats
Killing Time, Kevin MacLeod (

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Solar Power DIY Kit for Bus Stop

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People use to ask, can your Solar Power DIY Lighting kit use in commercial applications like solar powered lights in bus stop, guard house, street light and so on. Well, this video demonstrate the flexibility of our DIY Kit solutions. Furthermore, our DIY kits are built with highest industrial standard and ready to take any challenge!

Solar Power For Kids DIY Solar Robot Kit DIY Toys Boat Fan Car!

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Today, the boys unbox the Educational DIY Solar Robot Kit Toy Boat Fan Car! Unboxing and assembling the solar boat. A fun solar power projects for kids! Cool diy toys for kids.

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About the toy!
Six different working models including Solar Revolving Plane, Solar Windmill, Solar Plane, Solar Airboat, Solar Puppy, Solar Car (Only one project can be completed at a time)
Great assembling toy for nurturing children’s imagination, creativity and learning the benefits of solar energy
Also ideal to express your kids’ interest in science, extremely helping your children on creation
Sunlight shine solar panels provide small toys with endless power. Fun to play with and requires no batteries
Easy to assemble by following the step in instruction.

Solar Power DIY Kit

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We all know that outfitting a house with solar panels is not cheap right now. Harnessing enough sun to be able to live completely off-grid costs many thousands of dollars, up to many tens of thousands depending on how much electricity is needed. But do we really need to go from 0% to 100% clean energy in one go? That’s not usually the way things are done; we usually do incremental changes. The idealist will say that it’s not fast enough (and might be right), but the realist will say that the mainstream has more chances of going for it if it’s not too radical and expensive, and that the power of numbers is hard to deny. So the question is: Do we really need to go 100% solar at once? What is the least you could pay and still end up with enough solar juice to run some things around the house? Hence this Do it Yourself (DIY) kit were created for you to begin with. Start small and grow large later!

Forget Sunpower Solar Panels, Use a Renogy DIY Solar Kit

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Why spend tons of money on solar? Most of high cost is due to installation.
Buy now before the prices skyrocket. –

Did you know you can install solar yourself? And it is easy too! Use Sunpower to your advantage.A Renogy DIY home solar panel kit can save you thousands of $$$ and you still get all of the same benefits.

Watch your electric meter spin backwards during the day. Watch your power bill go down. No need for costly battery backup systems when the grid is your fallback. Solar power during the day and let the Electric Co. power your house at night.

Solar prices are at their lowest level yet, but it might not last. China has driven the prices so low that they are unsustainable in the long run.

Eco-Floor Insulation Solution – How To Insulate Concrete, Timber and Suspended Floors. Complete Kit.

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To Insulate from below your Floor under the Joists, Visit: The Eco-Tec Floor-Foam Insulation Kit – £109 + VAT for 30m2 – Free Next Day Delivery. Do you have draughts or uncomfortable cold floors? The Ecohome Floor Insulation Kit is Guaranteed to Prevent Drafts from under floors in your home, it will also provide thermal insulation and a Comfier feeling underfoot. Call 0844 991 9949 for Enquiries and ordering or E-mail: [email protected]

Innovative Energy 2-Car Garage Door Insulation Kit KGD-2E Installation by California Car Cover

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Tired of hot or cold air building up inside your garage? Use this Garage Door Insulation Kit from California Car Cover to regulate temperature in the garage. The kit comes with everything you need for installation, and only takes an hour and a half to install on a 2 car garage door.