How to make a Portable 12 Volt air conditioner without using ice (Low Cost)

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In this video you will learn how to make a 12v portable air conditioner without using ice in that, it is a low cost diy,this air conditioner(ac) is fully based on electrical energy.


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In questo video imparerai come fare un condizionatore portatile 12v senza usare ghiaccio in questo, è un basso costo diy, questo condizionatore d’aria (ac) è completamente basato sull’energia elettrica.


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Frozen Air Conditioner How To Unfreeze Defrost Fix Up Ice Froze AC Repair Maintenance Video

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Kung Fu Maintenance Shows Frozen Air Conditioner How To Unfreeze Defrost Fix Up Ice Froze AC Repair Maintenance Video.
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Ceiling Fan Ice Test Extreme Freezing Cold Test Will It Die or Not Ceiling Fan Torture Test Part VI

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; Ceiling Fan Falling Down Part VI COMING SOON
Hay Guys firstly i really thanks to all my fans, your support and inspiration make me to do this =D

Test Subject Speed Star Ceiling Fan
Objective – Freeing Test
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Its a Newly Brought 1300W Hair Dryer

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How to make Air Conditioner WITHOUT ICE – Simple Homemade Invention

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How to make mini Air Conditioner WITHOUT ICE at home
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This is a video tutorial on how to make your own mini air conditioner in a simple way, which helps you to cool your body during hot summer days.
Hope you like this video!
*Life Hacks Compilation

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My experience building an ice chest air conditioner that actually works. Watch this so you don’t make the same mistakes I did – much of what’s posted is very bad advice.

Summer is here and it’s time to build that ice chest air conditioner you’ve been thinking about. A portable cooler is just the ticket for tailgating, soccer or football practices, and campouts.

There are different ways of transforming an ice chest into an air conditioner and this video shows you what works and what doesn’t. (Hint: Coolers with a fan blowing on ice fails miserably).
DYI air conditioners are featured in magazines and on websites, but 99% of them are the same bad design.

This video outlines the steps I took to build a homemade portable air conditioner – a true air conditioner using heat exchangers and ice water in place of freon – after my ice chest with a fan didn’t work. My design doesn’t require a power cord plugged into a car lighter – it is battery-powered but as a bonus also has the option of running on house current so it doubles as an emergency portable air conditioner should your home’s AC fail.

Made by an Arizona Cardinals tailgater, the result is a totally self-contained DYI ice chest air conditioner that has been successfully tested and proven in 105+ degree Arizona heat over the last two years.

Come by and say hi and check out Frankencooler in person before Arizona Cardinals games. We’re located in the Grey East Preferred parking lot on the east side of the stadium near the 55 marker. Look for the black Frankencooler flag flying over our tent.

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The Frankencooler design is patent pending

Practice Exam – Air Conditioning & Refrigeration – NATE ICE Certification HVAC AC-IN/SV

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Practice Exam – Air Conditioning & Refrigeration – NATE/ICE HVAC Certification. From

These questions will help you in your preparation to take the official license exam in the following certification NATE certification tests: Air Conditioning Installation (AC-IN), Air Conditioning Installation Service (AC-SV), Light Commercial Refrigeration Installation (RL-IN), Light Commercial Refrigeration Service (RL-SV), Commercial Refrigeration Installation (RC-IN), Commercial Refrigeration Service (RC-SV),  Heat Pump Installation (HP-IN), Heat Pump Service (HP-SV) and ARI-ICE.

This practice exam is designed to reinforce the learning and confidence for HVAC students, helping them pass the NATE/ICE certification exam the first time. Becoming a Certified HVAC Technician requires training and the ability to effectively prepare and write the final certification examinations. This unique prep tool allows students to both test their acquired technical knowledge and practice writing a mock exam within the constraints of time.