Holiday Gift Guide 2018

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Today I came up with a couple Christmas gift ideas in case you’re stuck on what to give/get. Hopefully this is helpful!


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Coffee Mug:

Wireless Charging Pad:


Facial Roller:

Stacking Rings:

Vital Proteins:

Slip Silk Pillowcase:

APL Tennis Shoes:

White Pair From Revolve:

Puffer Jacket:

Bucket List Book:

Day Dreamer Tee:

ARK: Survival Evolved – Egg Incubation Guide | Egg Hatchery | Temperature Control

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ARK: Survival Evolved – Complete GUIDE Collection – EVERYTHING You Need to Have FUN!

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ARK: Survival Evolved – Ultimate Egg Incubation Guide – Campfires vs Air Conditioner – Hypo vs Hyper

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Top 3 Best Humidifiers Reviews In 2019 [ Buying Guide ]

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►►TOP 5: Best Humidifiers Reviews In 2019

❥❥ 1.LEVOIT Humidifiers ❥❥

❥❥ 2.KOIOS Top Fill Humidifiers ❥❥

❥❥ 3.PureGuardian Humidifier ❥❥

►►Best Humidifiers 2019 :
Budget humidifiers won’t give you much more than a dial to control moisture level (from low to high) and hopefully, auto-shutoff or a warning light for when the machine runs dry.

Several features on higher-level humidifiers, however, are extremely desirable. The best is a humidistat that automatically turns the unit on or off in order to maintain a target humidity level. Also quite helpful is a timer, which lets you (for example) set your bedroom humidifier to turn on a few hours before bedtime so your room is comfortable when you’re ready for sleep.

Another plus is a built-in anti-microbial system, either a filter or ultraviolet light, which kills most of the bacteria and germs that could be expelled with the mist.

►►Levoit Humidifiers Vaporizer
Disperse warm and cool mist throughout your living spaces to create a soothing atmosphere at home with the LEVOIT Hybrid
Ultrasonic Humidifier. Got a cold or the flu? The warm, soothing mist helps eliminate most germs/bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and mineral dust around your living spaces. If you have trouble sleeping at night, the cool mist will alleviate congestion or cough by keeping your throat and nasal passages hydrated. Moisturize your skin and reduce static electricity in your home with the cool mist function .

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52″ Gramercy Ceiling Fan Installation Guide

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How to install the 52″ Gramercy Ceiling Fan
Home Depot “Home Decorators Collection”

Downrod Installation: 1:58
Electrical Connections (Downrod): 4:01
Flushmount Installation: 5:27
Electrical Connections (Flushmount): 6:53
Fan Blade Installation: 8:11
Light Kit Installation: 8:47
Fan Operation: 9:51

Top 10 Things to Buy at Muji | JAPAN SHOPPING GUIDE

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Here are my top 10 picks of Muji. Muji is known for their affordable minimalistic but highly functional products. They have clothes, travel items, bath and kitchen essentials, skincare/makeup, furniture and more! I can spend hours in here, and there’s even a cafe for you to take a break from shopping. Make sure to check out one for yourself either in Japan or one of their international locations!

Muji Ginza Flagship Store
〒100-0005 Tokyo, Chiyoda, Marunouchi, 3-8-3

To shop online (only available in some countries)
For USA:
For other countries:

My top 10 recommendations (prices are taxes included, tourists can get tax refund at the counter – currently 100Yen=90cents USD):
1. Gel pens (Muji 0.5: 80Yen)
2. Notebooks (Pocket notebook: 120Yen)
3. Pocket scissors and other stationery gadgets (Pocket scissors: 500Yen)
4. Skincare (especially the moisturizing toner, travel size is about 500Yen)
5. Cotton pads (250Yen for regular type and 210Yen for layered type)
6. Organizers (Mostly between 1000-2500Yen)
7. Cold brew tea and candies (Mostly around 500Yen or less)
8. Sandal slippers (650Yen)
9. T-shirt/dress in a cube (1490Yen)
10. Carpets (13000Yen for 100x140cm size)

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Fallout 76 All Mutations List & Farming Guide: How to Get & Keep Mutations + Reduce Negative Effects

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In this Fallout 76 guide, we show you:
– How to farm mutations in Fallout 76
– How to keep mutations when you remove rads
– How to reduce the negative effects of mutations while keeping the positive effects
– A list of all mutations in the game and what they do

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Cannabis Grow Guide Ep. 14 The Onset of Flower

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The Cannabis Grow Guide is a 21+ Legal Medical Cannabis Channel. This channel is for educational and documentation purposes only.
BLG grows top grade medical marijuana using the best LED lighting on the market. Growing in coco medium and using Canna Nutrients.

This weeks video is another episode of the Cannabis Grow Guide, our complete how to grow series from seed to harvest.
Today is Episode 14 The Onset of Flowering

Everything Cannabis Related! Forums, Grow Shop, Feeding Schedules, and More!

Horticultre Lighting Group HLG 550 V2 LED Grow Light System: CGG10 for 10% off and free shipping.
Full Spectrum White LED Grow Lights:

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2’x2′ Veg = HLG 65:
3’x3′ Veg & 2’x2′ Flower = HLG 100:
4’x4′ Veg & 2’x4′ or 3’x3′ Flower = HLG 260:
4’x4′ Veg & 3’x3′ Flower = HLG 300:
6’x6′ Veg & 4.5’x4.5′ Flower = HLG 550:

2’x4′ Grow Tents:
Carbon Filter & Fan Ducting:
6″ Hurricane Clip on Fan:
Temperature & Humidity Controllers:
Overflow Trays:
One Gallon Nursery Starter Pots:
Five Gallon Fabric Flowering Pots:
Coco Medium:
PH & PPM Pens:

Canna Coco A & B
Canna Boost Accelerator Flowering
Canna PK 13/14
Advanced Nutrients – Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra
GrowTek Pro-Silicate –

Seedsmans Seeds: Pay with Bitcoin for freebies.
Crop King Seeds USA:

*****MUSIC CREDITS:*****
Still Back by ZAYFALL
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

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48″ Healy Ceiling Fan Installation Guide (Updated)

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The 48″ Healy is a remote operated ceiling fan with a 4 blade design and integrated LED light kit. It is perfectly suited for large rooms. If you would like to skip ahead to a specific part of the installation, use the menu below.

1a. Downrod Installation: 2:20
2.a Electrical Connections: 4:32
1b. Flushmount Installation: 6:03
2b. Electrical Connections: 7:34
3. Fan Blade Installation: 9:00
4. Light Kit Installation: 9:37
5. Fan Operation: 10:48

Air Conditioner Buying Guide | The Good Guys

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Deciding on the best air conditioner for you is easy with The Good Guys Air Conditioner Buying Guide. This buying guide explains the top things to consider when buying an air conditioner and how to choose an air conditioner right for your home – covering split, reverse, inverter, and multi-systems, energy efficiency, power and size.

Still need help choosing the best air conditioner for your home? The Good Guys Air Conditioner Buying Guide will help you decide:

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