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VOLDAM Kitchen Extractor Exhaust Fan Model # VF-PS750

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New Product !!! VOLDAM Kitchen Extractor Exhaust Fan Model # VF-PS750
Designed specially for the kitchen to remove steam, heat, odors, grease and smoke without adding any distracting noise. Special Price Rs. 9500/- including free delivery & 2 Years warranty.
For ordering.
M. Saadullah Khan / Call: 0322-9299979, 0322-2159909

How to Get Rid Of Mosquitoes with a Fan & Window Screen – NightHawkInLight

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This video demonstrates a mosquito trap that totally took me off guard with how incredibly effective it is. I first tried it over a camping trip last year. By the time I left the campground two days later the mosquito population went from inhaling them on every breath to only swatting at one or two per hour. Dan Rojas over at is the original creator of this trap, and he was kind enough to allow me to recreate it in my own video. A big thank you to ThruNite for sponsoring this video! Check out the TH10 headlamp here, or at the Amazon links further down:

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Below are more links for the ThruNite TH10, and ThruNite’s other flashlights. I’ve used half a dozen of their lights over the last year, no problems with any of them. Top quality engineering, and very high performance. If you have any questions about the lights feel free to ask in the comments below.

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Are Vacuum Laptop Coolers Worth It? KLIM Laptop Cooler Review

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Hello everyone! in today’s video we will be taking a look at the KLIM laptop cooler! this is a laptop cooler that is attached to the side of your laptops air vent to increase airflow inside your laptop. hope you enjoy the video!

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