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With an innovative, versatile design and industry-leading intuitive self-diagnostics, the Advanced Electrode Humidifier is an easy-to-install, simple-to-service solution that delivers on-demand humidification more quickly and consistently.

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HygroMatik Electrode Steam Humidifier FlexLine Maintenance Video

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www.hygromatik.com – maintenance video of a HygroMatik electrodes steam humidifier of the FlexLine series.

For commercial use.

HygroMatik has been developing, producing and distributing energy-efficient and flexible solutions for air humidification for commercial use since 1970.
The units are characterised by a particular sustainability with regard to maintenance, quality and longevity.

With the FlexLine HygroMatik offers a new generation of steam humidifiers. The basic model can be extended with corresponding options and adapted to an individual humidification solution for every need. The FlexLine was awarded in three categories and chosen as “Best Product 2018” with the Plus X Award.

Electrodes steam humidifiers are an optimal solution when a simple and reliable steam humidification is required. Due to the high material quantity, HygroMatik´s solid full-surface electrodes are particularly durable and cope well with tap water. The electrodes need to be replaced less often, which also keeps maintenance costs low.

The HygroMatik FlexLine electrodes steam humidifier is available in 12 performance classes from 5 to 130 kg/h steam output in 6 unit sizes. An additional power limitation can be easily programmed.

All advantages at a glance:
• One unit series for all areas of application and performance classes
• Reduction of the installation effort by an individual pre-configuration ex works
• Optional expansion options can be retrofitted
• You only invest in the functions you really need
• Comfortable operation
• Minimal and uncomplicated maintenance
• Highest quality and energy efficiency
• Environmentally friendly due to reusable components
Hygienic steam is generated particularly efficiently, safely and environmentally friendly.

Energy Saving Humidifier: High Pressure Fog v Electrode Steam

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Learn how MicroCool’s fog systems use less energy than electrode steam. Looking for a commercial or industrial humidifier? Our fog humidification systems for production environments, factories, greenhouse and industrial facilities are distributed worldwide.

Optimize production with MicroCool state-of-the-art, high-pressure industrial ultra-fine, 10-micron water fog humidification & cooling systems. Our products and solutions serve a wide range of industries including: Manufacturing/Fabrication, A/C Pre-Cooling, Greenhouses, Process Cooling, Paper, Digital Printing, Storage Facilities, Natural Gas Pipelines & Compressors, Clean Rooms, Electronics, Dust & Odor, Cold Storage, Hot Yoga Studios, Barrel Storage. Products available for worldwide distribution. With 35+ years in cooling & humidification, we’ve helped solve problems for our customers using MicroCool’s line of superior products that are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA on a continuous improvement cycle.


800.322.4364 or 760-322-1111

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How does an electrode steam humidifier work? | Humidification Made Simple

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How does an electrode steam humidifier work?

An electrode steam humidifier is an isothermal humidifier which makes use of water’s electrical conductivity properties.

It comes equipped with a filling unit for humidification water, a steam cylinder to generate steam and a control unit which regulates the humidification process or makes it possible for this process to be networked with the central building control system. It also has an outlet connection through which steam can be emitted to an air conditioning system or directly to the room through a ventilation unit.

The steam cylinder filled with water has heating electrodes which are energized. Because of the electrical resistance in the cylinder water, the water becomes heated and is finally vaporized. The limescale deposits which form during the vaporization process require that the cylinder be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis.

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