Con Edison Plugged In Winter Energy Savings Tips and Programs

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Heating Bills Expected to Be Slightly Higher Than Last Year

NEW YORK – As autumn’s chill hits the area, New Yorkers are reminded to take simple steps to be comfortable and lower their energy bills this heating season.

Con Edison offers easy tips for insulating homes, saving on bills, and staying safe. Click here for tips to save energy this winter.

The company expects residential heating bills to be about 8.6 percent higher than last year due to higher delivery rates and an increase in natural gas prices.

Con Edison does not control the price of natural gas, and Con Edison makes no profit on the gas it delivers to customers. Con Edison analyzes supply and demand forecasts and uses a variety of buying methods, including short-term and long-term contracts, to get the best gas prices for its customers. Those prices are passed on to customers at cost.

The average residential gas-heating bill from November 2017 to March 2018 will be about $238 per month, according to the company’s projections, up from $219 last year. That estimate is based on average monthly usage of 170 therms and assumes normal winter weather.

Con Edison has adequate natural gas supplies for the company’s 1.1 million gas customers, approximately 370,000 of whom use gas for home heating in Manhattan, the Bronx, Westchester County, and parts of Queens.

Customers can also save money on heating by using these tips:

• Have a qualified contractor clean and inspect your heating system
• Inspect and clean air ducts and heating vents to ensure adequate air flow and eliminate any loss of heated air
• Insulate hot-water pipes and warm-air ducts that pass through unheated areas
• Clean or replace filters for your hot-air furnace and heat-pump
• Install a programmable or smart thermostat and set it automatically to reduce the temperature at night or when no one is home
• Head over to Con Edison’s Marketplace where you can shop for energy-saving appliances and products

Con Edison is a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc. [NYSE: ED], one of the nation’s largest investor-owned energy companies, with approximately $12 billion in annual revenues and $49 billion in assets. The utility provides electric, gas and steam service to 3.4 million customers in New York City and Westchester County, New York.

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