Mavic Pro Propeller Comparison | Is there a BEST propeller?

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Ever wonder what are the best props to get for your Mavic Pro? In this video, I test 5 of the most popular propellers head to head on speed, duration and volume. There are a couple of things I was surprised to discover!

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Energy Efficiency Comparison Demonstration

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There are a number of different drive design configurations that can be used today to drive conveyors. Most commonly used drive in the conveyor industry is the externally mounted motor with a 90 degree shaft mounted gear reducer. However, the latest internally powered drum motor design is gaining popularity. The Van der Graaf energy efficiency study, compares the efficiency gains and losses, of two conveyor drive design configurations: the shaft-mounted motor/gearbox and the drum motor.

The energy consumption comparison study revealed that there are significant energy losses associated with the conventional external mounted motor/gearbox design compared to the all enclosed, internally powered drum motor. The 96% mechanical efficiency of the drum motor has no required maintenance, lower cost of ownership and a longer operational life. No exposed components results in operator safety and streamlines the conveyor design.


• Wash-down pressure up to 3,000 psi (IP69K)
• Lower Energy Costs
• No Maintenance
• Space Savings
• USDA Approved

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The Definitive RGB Fan Comparison – 8 Different Fans Tested!

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Which RGB fan should you buy? I test out 8 of them so you don’t have to! Expand for links!

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BnD 100 Flex and Rigid Solar Panels Comparison

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See why I ONLY recommend using the BnD 100 Flex and Rigid panels and not any other flexible solar panel. There are many brands out there like Renogy, HQST, Dokio and many others that have “great priced” panels but in the end simply don’t work at as well as they should.

I go over in detail why the BnD Flex panel is my absolute favorite and the one I depend on to keep my Kodiak solar generator running and powering my equipment during blackouts, other power outages or natural disasters.

Comparison of HRV ERV and Smart Ventilation Systems Whats the best

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The course will provide a description of residential HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator), ERV (Energy or Enthalpy Recovery Ventilator) and Smart DCV (Demand Control Ventilation) systems. Energy and humidity impact on a residence in different climatic regions and varying occupancy will be presented. The importance and value of active monitoring and control of indoor air quality will be discussed.

Air Purifier Comparison Chart – 2018

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2018 updated air purifier comparison chart. For a pdf visit . This air purifier video compares the ten best air purifiers for 2018 and includes:

1) Which of the ten air purifier technologies in each
2) Noise levels
3) replacement filter costs
4) Square Footage
5) Warranty Length
6) Cost

It is followed by a review of the ten air purifier technologies.

Here’s the air purifier comparison chart 2018 with specs on 10 top air purifiers on the market. You’ll notice a different columns here for first of all the air purifier models listed. The next is for the HEPA filter the third is for air purifier UV lights the column is for negative ion generators the next is tio2 then air purifier pre-filter the following is air purifier electrostatic the next carbon filters S is for air purifier sensors which detect what’s going on in the air . T is for a timer so it turns on and off by a timer. And W is for the air purifier warranty then filter costs, square footage, and also pricing. We’re going back to this in a moment back to chart. The considerations included in this chart are the following – especially important are those bold ones how many technologies each one has? What square footage does it cover? What’s the replacement filter costs? That’s because often the filters, after about a year’s worth of use, can cost more than the unit itself. So it might seem inexpensive upfront but overtime you could actually could end up paying more for filters than the air purifier you buy. This will help u figure out yearly cost to run the air purifier. Then at the end the retail price of course is important. But these are all the things that were factored into this chart. On the next page is a list of the 10 air purifier technologies with a brief description of what they do for use with the chart. If you don’t know the technologies on that chart this video continues after the chart to explain the technologies in more detail by each problem and also by the pros and cons of each of the 10 available purifier technologies. So this is a guide to the different columns in the chart as I went through briefly before. There’s little descriptions on this if you want to pause the video and read about each one. It just gives you a little idea what’s in the chart .
Now we’re back to the chart again and you can look across each model and see which technologies they include. The noise level – which anything 20-25 decibels is gonna be quiet for sleep. If you do run it in the bedroom. Then after that first year filter costs replacement filters. The square footage to get the right size for you. The price factor as well. If you want a downloadable printable version of this chart and to watch video reviews of these models go to So now let’s cover the ten types of air purifiers along with the pros and cons of each.
Here are the ten types – the only ones not mentioned on the chart, because I really don’t recommend them, are ozone, gas chamber and water air purifiers but I’ll explain what those are anyway. Number one is HEPA filter which stands for high efficiency particulate air. This is a cloth like filter. They have to be replaced but it’s the best for capturing dust, pollen, hair, etc. and is 99.97% effective.
Typical of what you think of when you think of a filter. The pros of HEPA filters are captures dust, pollen better than anything. It cleans the air and is the best for anybody with allergies because of the pollen and dust factor. The cons are it’s often over-priced -as you’ll see in the chart.
Replacement hepa filters should be $50 or less. If it’s over $100 for filters to replace it’s very high.
Next is UV light which comes in a bulb or LCD lights. These are used in hospitals to purify the air. The pros are it kills germs, bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew. It sanitizes the air. it supports immune systems. It basically doesn’t clean the air but it really purifies the air. The cons are as I mentioned it purifies – doesn’t clean – and you have to change the bulb each year. That’s another air replacement that should cost ten to twenty dollars sometimes they’re more but I won’t pay more than $20 for a little UV light.
Next is ti02 nanotechnology and this basic goes along with UV these hood and he and his UV many times it’s inexpensive and again at sports system by enhancing UV and cons are again it if I small to t in nature waterfalls by the ocean in the forest and if you’re running your room you I find that I sleep much better with negative violence if also if you’re indoors a lot with the windows closed from because you have the heat on the air conditioning on that air gets apt a lot of the negative I as it gives you a lot of life so negative ion is a really good thing having a purifier did you see comes after the fan of the 2018 air purifier because they define goes out into the room so it’ll go to the free shipping or just by going to

K&N Air Filter Sound Comparison Toyota GT86 / Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ

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Hey, hi, hello & what’s up everyone,

This is a little video of the before & after sound for the K&N drop-in air filter. This is done on my Toyota GT86, in other parts of the world maybe better known as the Scion FRS or Subaru BRZ. The difference in sound in the video is not as extreme as in real life though. I do feel as if the engine breathes better and gives better throttle response but i think it’ll get even better once i get my custom exhaust!

In short: it’s definitly good bang for the buck! 😉

Sorry if it’s not to well filmed, but i don’t have a tri-pod (yet), might have to get one if i start making more & more videos.

Thanks for watching and have a good one guys! 😀

Aftermarket air filter vs stock air filter | K&N rr-3002 | comparison

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Why you should buy an aftermarket airfilter!
In this video I will compare the benefits of having an aftermarket air filter versus a stock one. Also will I explain why it gives you a horsepower increase.
For me, it is the first time doing this kind of video and i’m not a native English speaker so forgive my accent/grammar mistakes 🙂
I hope you will enjoy this video!

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