Chinese Engineer Builds World’s First AI Cat Shelter for Stray Cats

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Wan Xi, a computer engineer at China’s largest search engine Baidu and a #cat lover, has built the world’s first AI cat shelter for stray cats. Besides providing them with a warm home with abundant food and water, the shelter is able to identify 174 different kinds of cats with the help of a smart camera and can even automatically allow them access to the shelter.

Furthermore, using Baidu’s no-code EasyDL tool, the shelter is capable of spotting common diseases and conditions in cats, such as gingivostomatitis, feline herpesvirus (FHV), and skin problems. It can also tell whether a cat has been sterilized. This data is sent to nearby volunteers who can provide better help to these cats in need.

With intelligent temperature and humidity control, as well as a ventilation system, the AI cat shelter provides a comfortable place for stray cats, providing fresh air and a constant temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, the ideal temperature for cats. Abundant cat food and water is provided at the shelter and volunteers constantly refill the bowls.

Chinese Diesel Heater With Intake Air Filter Purchased From Million Billion

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So the cold has got the better of me and found myself in need of a workshop heater, so I purchased one of these Chinese diesel heaters from Million Billion on ebay. Because of the unclean air in the workshop either the heater needed to draw air from outside or an air intake filter was required. If you just want to see what the results/findings of the Air Intake Filter are then skip to: 13:15

Launch of Chinese Abridged Version of Energy Efficiency 2018

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IEA Head of Energy Efficiency Brian Motherway launched the Chinese Abridged Version of Energy Efficiency 2018 in Beijing on 8 January. The launch took place at the China Energy Economy Forum and was jointly organised with the China Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (CCEEE), IEA’s partner in the project.

Winix P150 air purifier replacement filters original Vs fake Chinese test & review

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This is an update to the previous Winix P150 air purifier about replacement filters. I’ve found a Chinese fake one which they claimed that it’s exactly as original but cheaper. I bought them for the purpose of this video to demonstrate the difference. Although that they are considerably cheaper but they don’t worth the money as they are absolutely useless as they are not effective at all. So I only can recommend the originals which are made in Korea and they worth every penny, after all you only need to buy them once a year. They come with a hepa and four carbon fibre filters as they need to be replaced every 3 months. Enjoy.

Heavy Duties for Chinese Solar Panels | Made in Germany

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EU regulators agreed to impose solar panel duties averaging 47 percent earlier this month, accusing the Chinese of selling panels below cost. But the move will also impact German installers and customers who sell more Chinese imports than European solar panels.

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K&N Air Filter Cleaning – Chinese

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This Chinese air filter cleaning video has been made to demonstrate how easy it is to service a K&N cotton air filter. Captions in Chinese.

K&N® is the world’s leading manufacturer of washable performance air filters and cold air intake systems.

The world-famous High-Flow Air Filter™ was pioneered by K&N in 1969, and features an innovate design of layered, oiled cotton media to effectively capture dust, dirt, and contaminants—offering top-quality filtration.

Since that time, K&N has grown into a world-class automotive technology company, selling air filters, cabin air filters, oil filters, and air intakes in over ninety countries—with nearly 10,000 unique products for cars, trucks, motorcycles, outdoor equipment, and industrial applications.

With a strong Consumer Protection Pledge and industry leading warranties, K&N commits to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking for an air filter upgrade for your Ford Mustang, a new air intake system for your Chevy Silverado, or an Electronic Carburetor Injection system for your classic Pontiac GTO, you’re sure to find high-quality parts from K&N to propel your vehicle’s performance to the next level. Check out to find all of the parts available for your unique application!

Renewable energy: EU’s trade barriers against Chinese solar panels

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The International Energy Agency is saying that for the first time ever, the global capacity to generate electricity from renewable sources has overtaken coal. The fresh report comes amid a simmering row over the European Union’s trade barriers against Chinese solar panels, which has erupted once again. CCTV’s Richard Bestic reports from London.

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How Tariffs and Chinese Supply Crushed Solar Panel Stocks in 2018

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The dual impact of tariffs on most panels imported into the U.S. and a huge change in China’s internal solar policy have slashed global demand. The resulting oversupply has sent panel prices down 30%, taking a huge bite out of panel maker profits in 2018.
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