Original Mazon 44 in Ceiling Fan

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This video covers the entire installation of the 44 in. Mazon ceiling fan from Harbor Breeze.

Installing the mounting bracket 1:41
Preparing to hang the fan 2:56
Hanging the fan 3:47
Wiring the fan 4:11
Attaching the fan to the mounting bracket 5:44
Attaching the trim ring 6:47
Installing the blades 7:22
Installing the light kit 8:55
Remote Control 12:16
Operating the fan 12:58

How To Install A Ceiling Fan From Scratch (full video)

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How To Install A Ceiling Fan From Scratch (full video)

on this weeks edition of BS with AJ I show you how to install a ceiling fan into a room with no previously installed light fixtures. Yes that’s right we are going to be splicing into a wire in the attic and running new wires to power the fan and 2 three way switches! Its going to be fun guys!

Alright so lets get started first of all here is a list of all the material I used for this project:
junction box –
light switch box –
3 way switch –
light switch cover –
wire nuts –
14/3 wire –
ceiling brace box kit –
electrical tape –

And also a list of tools you will need for this project:
jig saw –
hand saw –
sawzall –
screw driver set –
head lamp –
tape measure –
wire strippers –
heavy duty wire cutters –
voltage detector –
6ft ladder –
glow in the dark fish sticks –
safety glasses –
drill –

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Jamaica Plain Apartment – 3 bedroom, renovated, ceiling fans, huge | Proper Realty Group

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Jamaica Plain Apartment – 3 bedroom, renovated, ceiling fans, huge | Proper Realty Group

We have several similar units in Boston and the greater surrounding area.


Live Proper in this newly renovated 3 bed, that can also be used as a 4 bed for $100 more a month. All the bedrooms are good sized, there is an open layout for the common area that has plenty of room for a living room, dining room and a separate kitchen. There is a nice balcony with an awesome view of Jamaica Plain out front, and parking is no problem. There is a lot across the street and plenty of on street parking as well. There is a small room in the back that ca be used for storage, laundry or a shared closet. Laundry hookups are on sight and the back deck has a peaceful view and leads down to the backyard. The landlord’s family does all the work on the unit, so maintenance couldn’t be more convenient.

Local Points of Interest:
Jamaica Plain, Berklee College of Music Building, Boston College, Brighton, Boston University, BU West Campus, Cleveland Circle, Chandler Pond, Reservoir, Charles River, I-90, Route 20, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, Storrow Drive

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Sierra Victorian Copy ceiling fan with white blades and colored light-bulbs

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UPDATE late 2014: Holy [email protected]! I can’t believe this fan video is getting so dang popular, wow, lol. xD Well thank you very much everyone for enjoying this, although considering the lighting on camera quality looked a bit terrible, but regardless it’s been like (a little) over 2 years (as of late 2014), and I’m not tired of the lighting on this video as much as it happened to me back in earlier 2013.

Decided to put colored light-bulbs on the Sierra ceiling fan, and yes I put the white Seagull Lighting blades on it too (that I put on the 7th day of this month at night) that are from my parents’ white and brass Seagull Lighting fan upstairs. I also put the purple light bulbs on both of the lamp sockets, and also a few of the little red lights on the light fixture in the dining room (and also the green light-bulb outside in the front too) on the same day I took this video. Enjoy, and make sure you comment and Like (and maybe favorite) this video too! 😀

Video filmed on 10/24/12, using my black and red Nikon camera (which I don’t often use anymore since after early 2013).