Alaska Ceiling Fan

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Alaska 42″ ceiling fan in white/polished brass. This is another ceiling fan that was found in the trash during Cleanup Week 2015. This is unfortunately the version of this fan with the stamped motor instead of the cast, so I find it to be of a moderately lower quality. It’s noisier than most of the cast motor Alaskas I’ve dealt with, air movement is pretty similar. Still a half decent little fan, the build of these isn’t bad, but I far prefer the better motor.
I no longer own this fan.

52″ White Alaska and Encon Casanova Ceiling Fans in 365 Premier Fitness in Middletown, NJ

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As my gym membership was coming to an end, I decided to film the ceiling fans on the upper level of this gym because they looked so cool and I never caught these fans on video before and I thought all of you fan lovers would really enjoy this. I’m guessing these are White Heritage Ceiling Fans because they look exactly like the Heritage Alexis fan I saw at my uncle’s friend’s house. Some of the other fans in the middle part of the gym have outlet boxes on the beams because the ceilings are not as proper as the ones as the ones near the troffers. These fans are 3.5 out of 5 stars because I thought these fans were kind of good quality, especially the one in reverse mode and in high speed. If you guys have any questions about the video or about the ceiling fans starring in this video, go ahead and ask away and also, please let me know if I missed anything in the description box. Enjoy! 😀

Your Northern Home: crawl spaces in Southeast Alaska

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“Your Northern Home: Crawl Spaces in Southeast Alaska” is an educational program geared toward homeowners. A properly functioning crawl space is essential to a home’s energy efficiency, healthy indoor air quality and durability. This program explores typical problems in crawl spaces and how to manage moisture and increase the energy performance in existing homes.

The Cold Climate Housing Research Center ( is a non-profit organization located in Fairbanks, Alaska. CCHRC’s mission is promoting and advancing the development of healthy, durable, and sustainable shelter for Alaskan’s and other circumpolar people. To see more videos visit

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alaska wallpaper

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Why is Alaska so cold? Well, I guess probably because of our location you know, east of the sun and west of the moon! At least that is how I felt about our location the first several years in Alaska in the early 70’s. cold frozen wallpapers. Seemed like we were so very far from everything familiar, even though I loved Alaska from Day One! I’m sure the scientific explanation is the tilt of planet earth, as we wobble our way around the sun. Did you know we ‘wobble’? It is the angle of the sun’s rays which determine climate, or, in other words, hot and cold. We are in the northern latitudes and those are the colder areas.

The variations of cold within the state are determined also by the position of the different mountain ranges. cold frozen wallpapers. For instance, the extreme cold of the arctic is kept, somewhat, up there by the Brooks Range of mountains which stretchs across the state above the arctic circle. The other mountain ranges, also somewhat control movement of hot and cold air. How cold does it get here? Well, in my area, 15 or 20 below a few times in the winter is cold.

360 miles north where some of my kids live, 40 and 50 below are not uncommon. cold frozen wallpapers. It is so wierd that when it has been 50 below for a few days, for instance, and then warms up to zero, you will feel so ‘warm’ that you will actually go out to feed the chickens or bring in wood, in your shirt sleeves! We have experienced this many times. cold frozen wallpapers. So I guess you could say, cold is ‘relative’. The coldest recorded I think was 80 degrees below zero at Prospect Creek Camp in 1971. At the other end of the scale, 100 degrees above zero was recorded at Ft. Yukon in 1915. Seventy above is definitely my favorite!

Alaska Highway Camping – Arctic Bound

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Dawson Creek and Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway has us pumped up for what’s in store! Ready to ride along as we work our way to the Arctic?

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