Step by Step Solar OFF Grid Home Using 8 Solar Panels DIY Tutorial! Beginner to Advance Solar Course

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Learn to Install solar panels with this instructional DIY tutorial. This tutorial shows you how to install 8 solar panels on a concrete roof. It also shows how we mount the aluminium rail, connect wires, combiner box and ran the electrical wire for the charge controller, inverter and batteries. This is an OFF GRID home powered by 1 wind turbine and 8 solar panels.

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iPhone Advance Repair Training Course #2 In Egypt Alexandria

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iPhone Advance Repair Training Course #2 In Egypt Alexandria

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اذا استفدت من هذا الفيديو او من القناه بشكل عام تقدر تساهم فى تطوير واستمرار القناه بدعمك ماديا او على الاقل بنشرك لهذا الفيديو على وسائل التواصل الاجتماعى
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My Tools & Equipment جميع الادوات والمعدات التى استخدمها وارشحها لكم

● Hot Air: Quick 861DW
● Soldering Iron (110v): (For 220v Contact me)
● Dual Soldering Iron (110v): (For 220v Contact me)
● Hakko Hot tweezers:
● Hakko Micropencil: (Come With No Tips)
● Recommended tip:

● Best Microscope :
● Microscope Light:
● 0.7X Microscope Barlow lens:
● 0.5X Microscope Barlow lens:
● Microscope (Cheap): Or
● Microscope With Cam:

Thermal Imagers
● Best Thermal Camera: or
● Thermal Camera: or

Test Equipments
● DC Power Supply 5A:
● Oscilloscope Advanced:
● Oscilloscope Normal:
● Ultrasonic Cleaner (110v) : +
● Ultrasonic Cleaner (Cheap):
● Fume extractor (110v): +
● Thermocouple:
● Multimeter:
● Multimeter Probe:
● Step Up & Down Transformer (110v to 220v):

● Blue Mat: Or
● Solder:
● Solder Dispenser:
● Solder Paste:
● Low Melt Solder:
● Flux:
● Magnetic Mat:
● Wire Cutter:
● AMP Meter:
● Dental Tools:
● Smart Tweezers:
● Air Blower:
● BGA IC Holder: Or
● ZXW Dongle: Or
● Kapton Tape:
● UV Blue Light: Or
● UV Solder Mask:
● Thin Wire for jumpers: or
● Heat Sink:
● 3D BGA Reball Stencil:
● Tweezers 1:
● Tweezers 2:
● BGA Removing Blades 1:
● BGA Removing Blades 2:
● BGA Removing Blades 3:
● PCB Holder 1:
● PCB Holder 2:
● PCB Holder 3:
● PCB Holder 4:
● Gloves: Or

Recording Equipment
● Microscope Camera High Quality:
● Microscope Camera Normal Quality:
● HDMI Capture Card Good Quality:
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● Side Camera High Quality: +
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● Tripod:
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● Microphone Good Quality: +
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