fanSync by Fanimation – Control Your Ceiling Fan With Your Smart Devices – 720p

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WARNING: What you are about to view may cause a sharp spike in your ceiling fan’s IQ. For years we’ve witnessed ordinary devices with average intelligence evolve into technologically advanced systems deserving of the title “Smart.” From our smart phones to our smart homes, we now have the power to control our lives with the swipe of a finger. But it was not until Fanimation unveiled fanSync that our ceiling fans joined the ranks of the electronically elite. fanSync deftly integrates Bluetooth technology into a ceiling fan receiver compatible with most AC motor, three-speed fans. The fanSync application can be downloaded on IOS and Android devices and allows users to control their fans with the slide of a finger. Use multiple devices to control one fan or one device to control multiple fans — the power is in your hands. fanSync is not brand specific and will work with many makes and models of ceiling fans. Do you want the smartest ceiling fan in your neighborhood? If the answer is “yes,” visit for more information

Humidifier – Healthy sleep in air-con room (Watch in 720p HD)

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A short video I produced to talk about how a humidifier can help reduce the negative effects of sleeping in an air-conditioned bedroom such as dryness of the throat, stuffed nose, etc. The product I talk about is the Novita Humidifier NH 900 which I bought several months ago. It has worked for me and so I want to share its benefits with anyone who is keen to know about it.

Production Note: The camera was unmanned as I was the only one at home then. Hence the focus is not very well adjusted.
Camera: Sony NX5P
Lighting: 2 softboxes (80cm)
Audio: Rode NTG2 Shotgun Mic with Deadcat mounted on boom stand