13 thoughts on “Panasonic F-VXF65 Air Cleaner/Humidifier featuring Nanoe technology

  1. Nice video – how's the purifier holding up, or has it since been replaced? I'm sort of torn between the Sharp and Panasonic models.

  2. 3) Another thing I read is (after making sure your humidifier parts are clean), running the unit on anything but the humidifier mode on the 'Turbo' setting for three hours, and make sure you also have the Nanoe feature turned on.

    Hope that helps a little!

  3. Hi Darren. They say you should:
    1) Wash the water tank each time you fill it. If you find any build up of grime, us ammonium citrate (that's kuen san in Japanese).
    2) Wash the humidifier tank tray once a month. You should also do that for the mould-prevention unit in the tray. They recommend two tablespoons of ammonium citrate for 3L of hot water (about 40 degrees), and leaving the unit/tank soaking in there for 30 mins. Rinse really well after, and let dry (I do that outside).

  4. Hello, although I have a different Panasonic Nanoe humidifier (F-VXF80), I was wondering if you could help me find what to get in order to get rid of the bad smell (smells like an aquarium) of my humidifier/purifier. I have had this for about 6 months now and I constantly clean both filters. I live in Japan but unfortunately I do not speak Japanese so talking to the Panasonic reps is kinda hard. Thank you!!!

  5. @christineaimee Hey there! Well, its only rated at exactly 100V and for either 50/60Hz. Best to look at the ehow entry entitled: "can you use Japanese appliances in the US?" for more details. It should work in theory, but I can't say for sure.
    Hope that helps!

  6. Thanks for the review. Question: I am considering purchasing the item for use in the USA. Are you aware of the plug specifications for the product? Will I need a converter or adapter for us in the U.S.?

  7. @tytjanik Hi, and thanks. Yes, it has an indicator on the front (lights up in green at top right). Ranges from 'Below 30%' and then in 10% increments to 'Above 70%'. In winter here (in Japan), it usually is about 50-60% in my house. It will still show current humidity even if you do not have the setting on "Humidifier and Air Purifier" (my approximate translation). After using it for three months now on humidifier setting, I do not notice any "smell" that you often get with humidifiers.

  8. @andybsan
    thnx a lot for replying, the info was more than helpful.i appreciate it.hope u enjoy a long and healthy life,both physicaly and spiritually.tc

  9. @IslamMyMed Hi and thanks! There are two filters: one for the dust and one for the odor. Both are rated as having ten-year lives. By that time, it may be time to replace the whole thing, anyway (I hope it lasts 10 years!)

    On the Panasonic website in Japan, it says:
    F-ZXFP70 dust filter @ 7,350 yen
    F-ZXFD70 odor filter @ 4,725 yen

    Recommended retail prices.

    BTW, the dust filter is black and quite tough – easy to see when you have dust build up and to vacuum off. Hope that helps!

  10. thnx 4 the review,but i was wondering since it has a permanent filter, isnt that a downside? i mean it it wont be as effective over the long run.also, do you know how much the filter replacment costs?

  11. An update…

    About three months after using it (usually on auto, air filter only), the fan started to sound like a propeller airplane taking off! We got it fixed under warranty, and hope it was a one-off issue with this model. Apart from that, it has been great – have to clean the outer filter every few days (quick low-setting vacuum) as the dust gets so thick. Definitely works well. The humidifier appears to be working well, and the tank usually has to be refilled once a day on average.

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