Never Install Indoor Ceiling Fans Outside

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Interior ceiling fans installed outside. Why you should never do so.

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12 thoughts on “Never Install Indoor Ceiling Fans Outside

  1. Thank you for the video, but why not turn the fan on instead of referring to what it "probably" sounds like or runs like? If it's a real problem, then let people see it. Also, even if the mounting hardware for the blades is custom, couldn't new blades also be custom cut from weatherproof material?

  2. I hung one on my covered porch and the blades sagged downward … It actually works better now with sagging blades and it is hung high enough, so they dont affect anything …

  3. The blades are rotting away,
    I am lucky enough to have 2 indoor/outdoor ceiling fans inside my sunroom as I have a hot tub, and one outside on my patio.

    But what happens if you have an outdoor ceiling fan indoors?

  4. The bladed aren't like that because it's mounted outside, the blades are like that because it's a Hampton Bay. My friend has one of these in his kitchen and it's the same even though it's inside. Hampton Bays are known for having saggy blades.

  5. It actually is repairable if you make them wet a little bit then put some bricks on it. (of course cover it so the blade finish won't get scratched)

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