Maintaining your Air Conditioning system to run at its peak.

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Greetings viewers! In this video I go over how to maintain your A/C system and why you should do so.

Over the years your coils will gunk up with dirt, dust, debris, grime, grease, pollen, etc… these things will sit inside your coils causing your A/C system to not be able to radiate and breathe as well as it should. This can lead to an overstressed system, premature failure, higher energy bills, longer cooling times, among other things as a result.
By cleaning your coils and air filters every so often (or change the filters for a central air unit), you can help it run at its best and like new (or at least as close to new as possible, lol). Additionally, by cleaning your evaporator and its air filter, your lungs and breathing problems will thank you for helping to preserve them and not set off your troubles (or make new ones in the future).

Although I demonstrate on a window unit, these tips and tricks can be applied to any A/C system out there: central air, window units, refrigeration/freezer units, vehicular systems, etc. It all works the same, and they largely have the same components. Of course the bigger the system, the more coil cleaner you’ll need (and if you do have a large central air unit, you’d be better off with some condenser cleaner you mix with water and clean with a garden hose).

13 thoughts on “Maintaining your Air Conditioning system to run at its peak.

  1. I live on second floor and can’t take my a/c out to clean w/o hiring a company. How can I clean this being upstairs?

  2. What really gets me is people are spraying all these different cleaning chemicals onto an into the air duct system which is where the breathing air from your home travels through, circulates and comes back into your home. If you do not rinse this stuff good (which I don't see many cleaning videos doing) you will be breathing in the residue from these cleaning chemicals. Why not just go natural? What disinfects and works better then many of these cleaning chemicals is Apple Cider Vinegar.

  3. Thanks for the video! Glad to see someone use something other than the garden hose method which looked damaging to parts. Thanks for explaining everything too!

  4. Will this work on any kind of window A/C? The AC stays in all year through. I've had mine for just about 2 years. I clean the filter at least once every other week on the inside. But never knew how to go about and clean the outside. Would like to try this.

  5. Hey thx I have an ac from 1939 it's a window ac General Electric and it's working very well still but the out side coil is falling a part it very bad by in the I'n side it blowing 35 degrees on a hot day thx for u vid and I hope I can get a year or 2 out of my old one

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