How to install K&N Air Filter in TVS Apache RTR 180/160

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Do, you want to install K&N air filter in TVS Apache RTR 160 or 180?

Then here is the perfect procedure of installation with full HD video and subtitles too.

You can do the same for other similar any bikes too.

For sound preview of this K&N air filter, watch this video

My bike model: TVS Apache RTR 180, beast model

Air filter link: (Afflink).

My Gear:
Video recording (Moto G5 plus):
Tripod (Photron Steady 450):

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30 thoughts on “How to install K&N Air Filter in TVS Apache RTR 180/160

  1. Hey there zeeshan,
    I watched your video and did as u said !!
    I installed uni filter ok
    Now there is missing like feeling after 9k rpm
    Rpm wont rise abv 9 k .

    1)What should i do ? Should i upjet ?
    2)is this happening to all apaches after power filter installation??
    3)does it depent on power filter brand?

    Pleazzzeeeeee respond ..

  2. brother i have RTR160 now i want to intsall k&n 1020 into it som i want to know does it causes any bad effect on engine or mileage . and doest it is necessary to rejeting i have no idea about jetting so please give me suitable expalnation….and please i requesting give me answer whatever positive or nagative bcoz im very consious about my RTR

  3. more white smoke is coming from the silencer after installing it.
    upload a video to adjust tuning of carburettor in same apache ( having k&n air filter)

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