19 thoughts on “How Centrifugal Fans Work (720p)

  1. wrong direction brother ..!! i reserched about it and practically find that it rotate in opposite direction that u are telling

  2. sorry but the black plastic wheel you shown in the video. is a forward curved wheel notice where the dust is on the vanes the (front side) check your 3 pics and compare it

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  4. @wduane2807 hitting feel caused from helicodial movement of exit stream. If u use stationary blades after prop type impeller to guide exit stream, u can get smooth un-interrupted flow like natural breeze

  5. at 2:02 you spinned the rotor wrong direction. This is a forward curved impeller and it should rotate clockwise when you are looking at suction side.

  6. There is also a difference in how the air discharges between the centrifugal fans and the standard prop type fans. The prop type blades make "packets" of air you can feel them as they hit you. The centrifugal airflow is smooth, not choppy, more outdoor breeze-like.

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