Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

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Today’s cost-conscious Do-It-Yourself homeowner looks for more than just a cheap, simple ceiling fan and that’s where Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans come in. You want a quality product at an affordable price.  You want a fan that complements the look and feel of your home.  You need a Harbor Breeze fan, the fan designed for today’s do it yourself homeowner.

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans are manufactured exclusively for Lowes by Litex, a company known for its engineering excellence and innovative designs.  Each fan is handcrafted using only top-quality materials for long-lasting beauty.  From chic modern designs to fit today’s contemporary décor to traditional and elegant designs you’re sure to find a suitable fan for every room in your home.

Best of all, their fans are backed by Lowes’ 100% money back guarantee.  And what better place to buy your new fan than a Lowes store where you’ll find helpful advice and all the tools you need to make installation of your new ceiling fan a breeze.

Traditional Designs

Harbor Bay’s Traditional designs are ideal for any room in your home, no matter your décor.  They’re also a favorite for homeowners who want to add value to their home before selling, and for contractors or rental property owners who want to have a uniform look from building to building.

Transitional Designs

The transitional designs offer a bit more flair than the standard traditional designs.  When you’re trying to make a statement in your room, check out the unique finishes and light fixtures available on some of the more upscale, transitional ceiling fan styles.

Contemporary Designs

Harbor Breeze Contemporary ceiling fans are crafted for today’s sleek, modern decorating styles.  Brushed metal finishes and bold blade veneers blend well with your new kitchen appliances and your contemporary living room furniture.

Outdoor Designs

Is it often too hot to enjoy your deck or patio for more than a few months out of the year?  Extend your outdoor living space with a weather-resistant outdoor ceiling fan.

Special Features of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Harbor Breeze ceiling fans provide maximum air circulation with specially designed blades that move larger volumes of air while consuming less energy.  Large ball bearings for smooth, silent movement are encased in a cast motor housing so they’ll never need maintenance or oiling.

Each fan can also be easily customized with your choice of easy-to-install light fixture kits.  Choose from 3-, 4-, or 5-bulb fixtures for just the right amount of light.

No more grabbing a ladder to change the settings because Harbor Breeze also manufacturers a variety of remote control options for each of their fans.  Choose from wall-mounted or hand-held remotes to easily control the speed or direction of your ceiling fan.

And because they’re designed with the Do-It-Yourself homeowner in mind, each fan comes with easy-to-follow instructions and requires only the minimum tools.  In less than 30 minutes your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan will be installed and you’ll be relaxing in the refreshing flow of air!

Where to Buy Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

You’ll find a broad selection of their fans exclusively at you nearest Lowes home improvement store.  For a complete listing of all the fans they have to offer, visit their online website.

Harbor Breeze’s Traditional designs are ideal for any room in your home, no matter your décor.  They’re also a favorite for homeowners who want to add value to their home before selling, and for contractors or rental property owners who want to have a uniform look from building to building.

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4 thoughts on “Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

  1. I am extremely dissatisfied with the light output of my HarborBreeze ceiling fan light. 40 watt candelabra is pathetic. We want LIGHT. Can we change the light module. Our electrician says no. Let me know please. I see no model number. Tnanks.

  2. I purchased a Harbor Breeze fan less than a year ago. It has always made a loud noise when the fan was on loud. A couple of weeks ago, the light went out. I changed the light bulb but it still did not work. Now, 2 days ago, the fan stopped working. I have the book that goes along with the fan but can’t find my receipt.

    I called Lowe’s and the customer service person said I had to contact the manufacturer. I contacted them just now and they are closed.

    I hope they will do something about this fan. It cost me $172.00 and $60 to have someone install it.

    This is a horrible ceiling fan.

    • The light on my fan blew out as well and then the fan stopped working.
      Any thoughts from the previous response from Robin. Had the fan close to two years.

  3. I bought a harbour breeze ceiling fan from Lowes in Hamilton Ontario approximately one year ago. I’ve praised this ceiling fan and have referred others to buy the same style ceiling fan. Today I walked into my bedroom, turned the ceiling fan on, speed cycle three reverse mode and POOF! One of the blades snapped off, literally snapped off (part of it still attached to the unit), flew across the room, punctured a hole in my wall, remained in flight, twisted around mid air after hitting the wall and put a small scratch on the screen of my television , bounced off the tv and I caught it before it smashed me in the head!! I’ve been so dang happy with this ceiling fan but am honestly a little bit afraid to replace it with the same style. I contacted Lowes and they won’t honour the purchase and referred me to the manufacturer. These ceiling fans aren’t cheap! Hopefully the manufacturer will honour their product. These fans are made exclusively for Lowes ,as I’ve read ,so wonder why Lowes won’t honour their product. I’m a little disappointed.

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