Engine Air Filter Replacement, 2003-2007 Honda Accord

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How to remove and change the air filter in your 2003-2007 Honda Accord (4 cylinder) without damaging the intake tube.
Fram Air Filter –

Or if you only go Honda OEM –

Link to intake tube if you ripped yours like I have…

quick, easy, safe, no damage,

10 thoughts on “Engine Air Filter Replacement, 2003-2007 Honda Accord

  1. Can someone tell what that part is at 1:11??? Because on my accord that piece is just hanging off because it's broken. I ever time I move with the car on, my car shuts off. And I'm hoping that's the reason for my terrible gas mileage, and bad idling.

  2. Whats that part called at 1:11 that you were removing/unhooking ? My car does not have it. I bought it used and opened the hood later and saw that its missing this piece.

  3. I like that…"missing that screw". I think when I finish mine might be missing too. Thanks for your post. I'm old enough to remember when an air filter could be changed by removing a single wingnut! I like technology, and don't want to go back, but come on Honda! You have some of the best auto engineers in the world! Make this simple…let us think we can still do SOME maintenance on our cars! 🙂

  4. The line of rubber top of left filter box has tow or three Blastic scerw, wn u remove it , will be more easy to open box with out open from throttle hose

  5. Few days ago, I finally replaced the old air filter with a new Fram air filter on my 05 Honda Accord EX 2.4. I was surprised to see a lot of black and gray stuff on the old filter. After changing it, I can immediately feel a significant improve of torque from 0 all the way to 65 mph, especially climbing the hills. So glad I changed it.

  6. Hi can you tell me what the hose before the two hoses on the air filter tube is called and what its for? I'm trying to do a custom intake and can't figure out how I will connect that hose to the tube since it has a small metal tube sticking out to the hos. Thanks 🙂

  7. I had the exact issues like yours when trying to removing the air filter housing of my very well maintained 2005 Honda Accord 4dr EX-L. It was kinda cold outside at about low 60s degree, so the rubber air intake was a little ridig and could be broken if it's forced to be removed. Your video really explains it well for all of us. I'll try your method next week to replace the air filter.

    For the missing screw, you could check this page to find the part. It's about $3 a piece.

  8. Thanks for showing how to replace the air filter the correct way. I guess from years of having people do it incorrectly on my car (04 Honda Accord Coupe), my hose has cracked exactly where you said your's did.

    I'm going to buy the hose and install it myself, but i have a question. There is a tight metal ring tightening the hose to the air filter cover. How did you remove it, and do I need to buy another to tighten the hose back on, or can i use the same one?

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