19 thoughts on “Dorman: ’05-’07 Ford Focus Air Filter Box Installation

  1. I took the box off and then put the box back on, hit the reset. Now I have a check engine light, saying the intake is open. Any ideas to why?

  2. Bought this Dorman filter box from Rockauto for $50.00 but good luck finding the Saturn filter that goes in it locally. Had to order that from ebay.

  3. Крють ,я купля такую тачку что бы та менять фильтр!

  4. Why all the pissing and moaning?? This filter is good for AT LEAST 150,000-200,000 miles!!?? Most people who buy new don't even keep their cars that long!

  5. The filter box is mounted with three screws. There is another screw towards the top side of air filter box that needs to be removed to take the old filter box out. I found it easiest to reach that screw by removing the orange side marker light and use a long socket extension rod with a flexible joint through the opening. It is also makes the job a little easier by removing the head light. I had to replace my cracked filter box because debris goes through it and got the idle air control valve stuck and I have very high idle. The new air filter box cost about $60 on the eBay. I am only an occasional DIY guy but I found this job not very hard, with the help of this video. Thanks for the video.

  6. Outrageous act by Ford. The Dorman 258-519 Air Filter Box product is a great solution but it is ridiculous that something like this is needed at all. Buy Honda or Toyota

  7. cause all the places here are selling the sealed housing that costs 800.00 plus tax , little much for a damn air filter.

  8. To all you haters, I bought my '07 focus new.  It has 140,000 miles on it and this filter is still fine.  I'm just recently noticing a drop on low rpm torque and general sluggishness.  It "feels" like a dirty air filter, but the indicator still says it's good.  Whenever you put big parts in a tiny car, the engineering is bound to get a bit hairy, but I don't think taking off a couple splash guards every 200,000 miles qualifies as "nightmare" engineering.  Now, removing a motor mount to get to the alternator…

  9. Wow… bought my first ford last week.. Soon to sell my LAST FORD!!! This is the most ridiculous air filter location I've ever seen… And just to kick you while you're literally on the ground.. 199$!!!??? omfg. 

  10. going to find a cold air intake kit if im going to pay that much just have to make sure to get a quality one that wont suck up water and hydro lock the motor in puddles

  11. wong i just called about a 05 focus Air filter replacement and they want 582$ for assymbly replacement to a NOW filter replacable filter box

  12. Holy fuck…. i almost didnt beleave it when i heard it, now i do, Good job ford… i hope they replaced them all no cost to customer!

  13. Another wonderful oe engineering design by ford engineers…did someone have a nightmare when designing this thing…thank you Dorman for correcting this. Ford did the same thing

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