Don’t put ceiling fans on dimmers

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Putting fans on dimmers causes strain to the fan motor because a fan takes 120v to operate and a dimmer only 90v. The motor strains to muster enough energy to get going causing serious wear on your fan. This house in Roswell shows a clip of the living room fan completely worn out due to being on a dimmer. The second shows the bedroom fan in the same predicament but still barely going. If you listen you can here the fan struggle to get up enough energy to operate. Without proper switching these fans will continue to need replacing about every year!

14 thoughts on “Don’t put ceiling fans on dimmers

  1. I had mines on a light dimmer, it was like crying to me to change the switch. And It has a varispeed switch on it now

  2. The controls u have are not dimmer switches, by the fact you rotate to on versus push on or off, they are called solid state variable speed controls, and they are not bad if used on fans that have in the manual suitable for use with solid state speed controls. Otherwise the fan may be noisy if not designed for use with solid state variable controls. Now if dimmer switches were used at the least your fans would no longer work, and at the worst your house would have burnt down! The new fanimation ascension ceiling fan is suitable for use with variable speed while a hunter design house may not be! Always read the installation manuals first before they installing!

  3. Don't put dimmer switches their bad.
    Here are the steps that you need to do:
    1.remove it
    2.give it to someone to keep or trash it

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