Ceiling Fans In My House Update

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My Bedroom: Casablanca Panama 5
Office: Hunter Low Profile
Library: Casablanca Delta III
Kitchen: Casablanca Zephyr
Garage: SMC Laguna
Dad’s Bedroom: Casablanca Delta II
Basement/Workshop: Hunter Preference, Harbor Breeze fan, x2 Hunter Coastal Breezes, Casablanca Venus, Casablanca Zephyr, Hunter Original, Hampton Bay Minuet II.

21 thoughts on “Ceiling Fans In My House Update

  1. I was in home-depot and something caught my eye
    An  SMC Laguna aside of all of the other industrial fans was hung

  2. Wow! Nice fans! I wish my basement would be an area like that so i can work on mine. Lol but i will just keep it in my room for now. Cool Video! 🙂

  3. nice hunter low profile, the coastal breeze blades are starting to sag a bit, nice video and nice originals, keep up the videos cant wait to see more videos of your other fans

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