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BEIJING — China’s capital city is planning ventilation corridors to tackle the country’s air pollution.

Densely populated cities tend to generate more energy and waste heat. This results in a much warmer urban environment than in surrounding rural areas, according to National Geographic.

Xinhua reports that Beijing saw its worst smog spell from November to December of 2015, blocking views across the city and prompting authorities to issue a red alert warning. Measures to curb pollution have led to air quality improving only marginally, with 186 days of ‘up to par’ air quality in 2015, up 14 days from 172 in 2014, Xinhua reported, citing data from the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection.

To reduce smog, the capital is planning to build ventilation corridors. These are designed to relieve a city’s heat and pollution by improving urban wind flow.

The corridors will be created by connecting parks, rivers, lakes, highways and small building blocks. Five primary corridors — over 500 meters wide — will run from the northern suburbs to the south. Secondary corridors, measuring more than 80 meters, are also planned. The corridors will reportedly allow northern winds to blow through Beijing during severe winter smog spells.


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36 thoughts on “Beijing smog: Chinese capital turns to ventilation corridors to help with ‘Smogpocalypse’ – TomoNews

  1. Moving the pollution out of the city doesn't mean the pollution doesn't exist… I suppose they don't care though as long as those in the city don't have to breath it.

  2. Damn the people who are commenting on this video are so fucking dumb and clueless.
    First they blame this on China's leaders when it isn't the problem, the problem is capitalism, you are all fucking buying shit from China, you are all consumers contributing to the pollution, and you talk shit about China? Wow do you have any idea how dumb that is? Especially when your own country suffered from the same problem 40 years ago, only that your country has a way smaller population than China.
    China is home to 1.3 billion people living in a smaller area than half the US, it's unimaginable how much people that is, the point is, if your country had that many people, it would be more polluted than China, since you guys bigger consumers/polluters per capita than China, people here are so ignorant that they can't even figure out this is part of industrializing and was necessary for China to get out of a hole, it needs to start like this, as China progresses at the rate its going now, changes will come in less than 10 years, there's already major improvements all over China as it's transforming into a high tech consumer economy.

  3. This is not a bad plan. I'm sure though that just like in america the small houses will be raised and the people relocated with no compensation (t'rump does this already). But is china really going to tear down millions/billions of dollars worth of skyscrapers? Despite the "communist" label the hardcore 'murikan patriots bestow on china there should be no doubt that large corporations are just as strong there as they are in every other country. It is the new world order after all.

  4. Yeah and where you think all the pollution will be ventilated to?
    The government is floating with money. Use the money to PURIFY the air and not to throw away the pollution to other neighbour countries..

  5. I don't really believe these number's im sure there fucked no matter how much bullshit you sell me or someone else.

  6. more buildings less trees that will help smh this is how the rest of the worlds gonna be but worst if we dont start caring about our earth

  7. The top ppl in China don't give a fuck about their ppl, so over populated and smart and they can't even get clean air….smh

  8. man fuck it I'm racist 😮 how the fuck China got 1 kid law n just changed 2 kid law but y'all mother fuck can.get the.air right 😮

  9. geez I wonder where that smog will go off instead..Think about other countries simple minded that is why US is better in every way

  10. China,,, the land of Crappy made products AND Bad air. lol China should return to it's roots and embrace Kung fu once again. China can be great again if they fully embrace Kung Fu. Just like in the movie "Shaolin Soccer".

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